Saturday, May 26, 2007

Joseph choir search

The older two kids are in the school choir and the choir submitted an entry to the BBC Joseph choir search competition (although Beth and Ben weren't in the actual choir that was videoed). So the last week has been a hive of frantic activity as we checked where the choir was in the rankings. They started the week at 490 - by the closing date they were up to 198 (although the rankings didn't change over the last 24 hours because they were locked.) The results are out on the 31st - the top 20 go forward to a final - so there isn't a lot of hope that "our school" will get through.
However the whole process has been an interesting insight into the lengths some parents will go to - there has been suspicions of nefarious practice in block voting and deliberately voting down your rivals. It also has left egg on the face of the BBC who completely underestimated the interest and demand - the site was suspended for a while after it got 250,000 votes in 24 hours!!

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