Friday, March 23, 2007

Day 6

Erin and Caitlin didn't have any lessons today so we skied as a family all day. Caitlin and Erin had been down part of a red run the previous day so we decided to try that one again and we skied down to Oz via the red run for the first part and then a blue. We stopped for a drink at the bottom - it was lovely and sunny before going back up in the Oz bubble to find somewhere to eat on the mountain. We found a lovely restaurant at the halfway point called Le Perce Neige - (see right)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

day 5

Another good day - the snow is still in good condition and the skies are clear. The kids are looking forward to the tobogganing this evening - seeing as the snow on Tuesday meant we couldn't do it then. Also last day of ski lessons for Caitie and Erin - they managed to achieve the Crystal Rouge which we are reliably informed is one step up from their grade last year (Marmotte Bleu). Bethany and Ben are skiing really well - they were leading down a red run to Oz and we only stopped because Lyn was left so far behind.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day 4

Woke up to sun shining today - and lots of fresh snow from the last 2 days so we managed to catch the earlier bus to try and get more skiing in.
You can see some of the pics from the hols here
Link to web album

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

day 3

Still snowing today when we got up - not quite as heavy as yesterday. We caught the bucket lift up to the slopes as we weren't sure whether a bus was going to come after yesterday - maybe they don't run if it is snowing !! Skied together as a family for a while in the morning - then because we were unsure about the buses I nipped back down to tell the grandparents not to come up if the bus wasn't running. Then after the younger two were despatched to their lessons, we skied across to the midstation above Les Bergers and took the Marmotte 2 gondola. I had the mistaken impression that there was an easy run as an option down from it, but once we looked at the piste map, it became apparent there were only black runs! We decided to go on up and see, and the visibility cleared so we decided to give it a go - although Beth needed a bit of persuasion. The snow was in good condition and Ben and Beth skied their first black run without too much problems.
After that we skied back down to pick up the other two from lessons and I took Erin back down in the bucket lift, while the others got a run in.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Day 2

Woke to a covering of white over the resort - lots of snow overnight and still falling - hooray. Well, except for the fact that the visibility wasn't great and it was a good deal colder than yesterday.We skied around but took an early lunch in view of the conditions. Caitie and Erin had their lesson at 12, and Beth and Ben were packed off at 2, as it got colder and windier. I regret to say that mum and dad then wimped out and went back to the chalet with the younger 2 leaving our older children skiing around in a blizzard (admittedly with their instructor). I traipsed back up to the ski area to pick them up at 4, and we then had an interesting wait for a non-existent bus, before walking home to the chalet. Beth and Ben had great fun however playing in the snow at the bus stop - making snow angels and snow holes.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

day 1

Out on the slopes for the first time this year! There was enough snow around to ski - it was pretty warm which made for pleasant conditions and the start of a tan, but did make the snow a little sticky. Ben started back as though he had never been away, although his sister looked a bit like a duck initially until we found that her boots weren't buckled up, which explained her drop off in ability - once that was fixed she was skiing well again!
All the kids had lessons today, so we spent the morning practising before their afternoon lessons, and then headed back to the chalet in the late afternoon. And then it started snowing!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Well - after an early start(up from after 4am!) we have got to Alpe D'Huez. First task - see if we can find out the rugby score between Ireland and Italy - so a bit of frantic twiddling on a radio in the chalet and finally get a French station which intermittently gives a score (we think - our French isn't good enough to understand very much). Ireland seem to be winning so off to get our ski equipment.
After we return to the chalet we tune in again and by dint of listening to a rather worked up French commentator who is screaming as France score a try in the last minute, eventually discover the France/Scotland score is 46-19 and France won the Six Nations (later we discover that the last score won it and Ireland were very nearly champions)
Anyway what about the weather for skiing - isn't that why we are here? Sun is shining and there doesn't seem too much snow around in the resort but we are assured thaere is plenty to ski on and snow is expected on Monday.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Looking good!!

Checked up the snow report today - this is from the Ski Club of Great Britain

Snow News for France - last updated on 15 March 2007. The weather has been amazing throughout the French Alps this week and conditions are generally excellent. The Portes du Soleil has had beautiful sunshine all week and the best riding can be found in the Avoriaz area. The parks in Avoriaz (110/170cms) are also in very good shape. In Alpe d’Huez (119/250cms) there is great riding through the entire Grand Rousses area. All but one lift are open and the pistes are in lovely condition. 30cms of new snow is expected to fall on Monday, which means it could be a powder week next week!

So looking good!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nearly there

3 days to go until we set off to France. There is a fair bit of snow - only slight problem is that the sun is shining this week so it may have melted and frozen again a few times - so making for a hard and fast piste. I would prefer if it was a bit soft (and soft from new snow rather than slushy snow too!) Still can't complain too much if the snow is there - it's a lot better than Christmas anyway.
On another front Ireland won their last rugby match against Scotland - it was a bit of a struggle and ended in a bit of controversy, when Ronan O'Gara got choked at the bottom of a ruck (well that's what Ireland are saying and looking at the video he was pretty blue and it looks a bit suspicious.) And France lost to England throwing the whole 6 nations championship open. Ireland can win if they score by a winning margin of 4 more points than France on the last day - St Patrick's day - which is of course the day we head off skiing so we'll miss the match. I'll record it maybe

Monday, March 5, 2007

Not long to go to France

12 days and counting - the kids especially Ben can hardly wait - nor can I! Everything is nearly ready - we have the tickets, ski school is sorted, the insurance is organised, the ski equipment and lift passes have been ordered through the tour company (hopefully they have done as promised and our hire shop is close to the slopes) - and it is still snowing. Hooray!!!!
On another point - Ben had a minirugby mini tournament last Saturday - I was unfortunately working, and they didn't win everything - the actual score seems a bit unclear as Ben thinks it was won one drawn one lost one, but Lyn thinks it was 2 losses - anyway he enjoyed himself and scored a try.