Saturday, November 24, 2007

Our new addition

Meet Tara - our new puppy (although she won't be coming to stay for a couple of weeks yet). She's a cross between a Gordon Setter and a collie.

Now and then

It's a bit of time since I last posted (funny how you start things and then they sort of gradually fade). Maybe I'll get to fill in the gaps someday but for now here is how things are.
  • Our extension is nearly finished (short of tidying up a few things)

  • Beth has finished her 2nd transfer test yesterday so all she (and we) have to do now is wait for the result

  • We're going off this afternoon to see some puppies with the aim of getting one! (it's a long story but we were sort of lined up for a labrador cross from a rescue centre -Pippa- but that fell through so we're not sure how the kids will take the change)