Sunday, September 2, 2007

All fall down

Have been watching the back of the house being systematically destroyed by the builders over the last week or so. The initial plan had been to clear the boiler house and build up to roof level and then knock through the wall of the study and upstairs toilet when the walls were up, but as always the best laid plans go awry and we discovered that the joists were rather dodgy above the utility room at the back. This necessitated knocking everything down to the level of the utility room ceiling (well actually it looks as though it went down to well below this!) in order to replace the joists. So a considerable amount more destruction was called for and bearing in mind the walls are stone and about 2 foot thick that's a lot of rubble. However we have plans for a patio at the back of the house so the rubble is being used to fill in there rather than being carted away - recycling in action!