Saturday, March 17, 2007


Well - after an early start(up from after 4am!) we have got to Alpe D'Huez. First task - see if we can find out the rugby score between Ireland and Italy - so a bit of frantic twiddling on a radio in the chalet and finally get a French station which intermittently gives a score (we think - our French isn't good enough to understand very much). Ireland seem to be winning so off to get our ski equipment.
After we return to the chalet we tune in again and by dint of listening to a rather worked up French commentator who is screaming as France score a try in the last minute, eventually discover the France/Scotland score is 46-19 and France won the Six Nations (later we discover that the last score won it and Ireland were very nearly champions)
Anyway what about the weather for skiing - isn't that why we are here? Sun is shining and there doesn't seem too much snow around in the resort but we are assured thaere is plenty to ski on and snow is expected on Monday.

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