Tuesday, March 20, 2007

day 3

Still snowing today when we got up - not quite as heavy as yesterday. We caught the bucket lift up to the slopes as we weren't sure whether a bus was going to come after yesterday - maybe they don't run if it is snowing !! Skied together as a family for a while in the morning - then because we were unsure about the buses I nipped back down to tell the grandparents not to come up if the bus wasn't running. Then after the younger two were despatched to their lessons, we skied across to the midstation above Les Bergers and took the Marmotte 2 gondola. I had the mistaken impression that there was an easy run as an option down from it, but once we looked at the piste map, it became apparent there were only black runs! We decided to go on up and see, and the visibility cleared so we decided to give it a go - although Beth needed a bit of persuasion. The snow was in good condition and Ben and Beth skied their first black run without too much problems.
After that we skied back down to pick up the other two from lessons and I took Erin back down in the bucket lift, while the others got a run in.

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