Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nearly there

3 days to go until we set off to France. There is a fair bit of snow - only slight problem is that the sun is shining this week so it may have melted and frozen again a few times - so making for a hard and fast piste. I would prefer if it was a bit soft (and soft from new snow rather than slushy snow too!) Still can't complain too much if the snow is there - it's a lot better than Christmas anyway.
On another front Ireland won their last rugby match against Scotland - it was a bit of a struggle and ended in a bit of controversy, when Ronan O'Gara got choked at the bottom of a ruck (well that's what Ireland are saying and looking at the video he was pretty blue and it looks a bit suspicious.) And France lost to England throwing the whole 6 nations championship open. Ireland can win if they score by a winning margin of 4 more points than France on the last day - St Patrick's day - which is of course the day we head off skiing so we'll miss the match. I'll record it maybe

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