Monday, March 19, 2007

Day 2

Woke to a covering of white over the resort - lots of snow overnight and still falling - hooray. Well, except for the fact that the visibility wasn't great and it was a good deal colder than yesterday.We skied around but took an early lunch in view of the conditions. Caitie and Erin had their lesson at 12, and Beth and Ben were packed off at 2, as it got colder and windier. I regret to say that mum and dad then wimped out and went back to the chalet with the younger 2 leaving our older children skiing around in a blizzard (admittedly with their instructor). I traipsed back up to the ski area to pick them up at 4, and we then had an interesting wait for a non-existent bus, before walking home to the chalet. Beth and Ben had great fun however playing in the snow at the bus stop - making snow angels and snow holes.

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